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Entrance doors to match the style of your home

If you are looking for an entrance door that is secure and of high quality, come and visit our showroom. There are two types of door: high thermal value aluminium doors and ThermoPro doors.

Aluminium doors are durable and will look like new for many years. They don't need to be painted and are maintenance free. 

Hörmann steel ThermoPro doors are available in a wide variety of styles. Despite being relatively inexpensive they provide great energy efficiency as a result of their excellent thermal insulation. These doors come with multi-point locking for added security. 
ThermoPro doors

ThermoPro doors:

  • Water-tight under heavy rain
  • Sturdy under heavy winds
  • Airtight and sealed
  • Insulated acoustically
  • Insulated thermally
Entrance doors in proven Hörmann quality
Hörmann steel ThermoPro doors are available for main and side entrances in a large selection of styles. They come with multi-point locks and added thermal insulation. 

Without visible leaf frame
Our entrance doors have an exclusive appearance. they have a smooth door leaf made of steel and come without a visible leaf frame.

High thermal insulation
Thanks to a 46-mm-thick door leaf completely filled with PU rigid foam, these doors provide excellent thermal insulation with a U-value of up to 1.2 W/m2K, reducing your energy bills.

The best sealing possible
Double seals on all four sides with additional corner seals near the bottom provides reduced heat loss and protection against bad weather.

12-point security
All ThermoPro doors are equipped with multiple-point locking as standard for extra security.

Our doors come with Secure by Design for more security for you and your family.

Certified brand quality
All ThermoPro doors are manufactured in line with ISO 9001 and regularly subjected to the strictest quality tests. A CE mark indicates that the doors comply with EU directives in accordance with EN 14351-1. All of the door requirements laid out therein are adhered to.
Aluminium entrance doors

Aluminium entrance doors

Aluminium entrance door systems in a unique quality and equipment version

Entrance doors should match the style of your home and create a visually appealing effect. If you also want security, aluminium entrance doors from Hörmann are the perfect choice. 
Even after years of use, your Hörmann aluminium entrance door will look like new. 

We have three different versions to choose from. There is the inexpensive, basic version, TopComfort; the elegant leaf-overlapping version TopPrestige; and the TopPrestigePlus version which offers additional thermal insulation. No matter which version you choose, you will always receive top quality. All our doors are made in Germany. 
Frame profiles

Frame profiles

We have two decorative fascia frame versions.

Frame profile Standard 70 The standard frame profile
constitutes an almost flush surface with the door infill. It is also available with a width of 110 mm.

Fascia frame Rondo 70 Add a touch of style to your entrance door with a rounded profile. The fascia frame Rondo 70 is available in Decograin Golden Oak.
Fascia frame Careo 70 has an attractive and distinguished look. For the door styles with design handles this type of profile underlines the flush fit of the handle and the frame.
5-point automatic lock

5-point automatic lock with automatic locking as standard

The H-5 automatic lock is a mechanical, self-locking multiple lock. The lock engages as soon as the entrance door is pushed into the latch. When locking, 3 steel hooks with 2 additional bolts pivot into the stainless steel lock plates to automatically lock the door. This self-lock function can be switched off. In addition, a stainless steel bolt on the hinge side engages with the fascia frame. To open the door, either use the lever handle or open it with a key.

Further options: The door has a child safety/holiday function, where the door is double locked with the key. The lever handle does not function anymore.

Variably adjustable: Hörmann door strikes (optional)
The electric door strike catch in the lock plate ensures that your guests can only enter your home if you push the electric
door strike inside. During the daytime, and if the self-locking function of the H-5 automatic lock is off, you can also toggle
the locking lever so that the entrance door can be opened by a slight push from the outside.

Switch lever
This give you the option to switch off the automatic self-locking function making it possible to open the door using a Hörmann electric door strike. 

Solid security bolt
A stainless steel bolt engages during locking with the fascia frame. This way, it protects the door on the hinge side from being leveraged or pushed in.
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