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Canopy garage doors

For a clear, unobstructed opening you can choose canopy doors. These doors are ideal in garages where there are obstructions like gas and electricity meters which do not allow for horizontal tracks to be fitted inside the garage.

Click here to view the canopy garage door in action and see if it's the right choice for you.
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Reasons to choose a canopy

  •  Space saving design with no tracks
  • Spring assisted opening, light and easy to operate
  • Wide selection of styles and colour options
  • Value for money
  • Standard safety feature of multi-point locking
Available in steel, timber and GRP by Hormann and Wessex doors. 
retractable garage door

Retractable garage door features

With retractable doors there are horizontal tracks that run along the roof of your garage. A fully open retractable door will retract all the way inside the garage.

Click here to view a video of the working of a retractable door.
retractable white door

Reasons to choose a retractable door

  • Spring assisted opening
  •  Multi-point locking available as a standard feature
  • Wide selection of styles and colour options
  • Great value for money
  • Can be automated whenever required
Available in steel, timber and GRP by Hormann and Wessex doors. 
Side hinged doors

Side hinged doors

If you are looking for a traditional style of door that opens outwards, choose side hinged doors. Suitable for use in garages where space for door mechanisms is limited. These doors require good clearance outside to operate. 
Click here to view a video showing the possibilities of a side hinged door.
Open side hinged doors

Reasons to choose a side hinged door

  • Space saving design with doors opening outwards
  • Easy to use single door mechanism
  • Secure Yale lock mechanism
  • Can add door stays and drop bolts to increase security.
  • Solid steel framed structure
Available in insulated steel of various colours and patterns, single skin steel and timber.
Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors

Roller doors rise vertically upwards forming a compact roll in the garage ceiling space. Roller doors are safe and easy to operate and are ideal for automation. These doors are available with or without insulation.
View this video to see the roller door mechanism in action.
White roller garage doors

Reasons to choose a roller garage door

  •  Vertical opening allowing you to park close to the door
  • The door rolls into a coil at the top just behind the door so takes up no room inside the garage
  • Automated as standard
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Weather proof
Available in insulated steel and single skin steel.
Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are made up of several separate horizontally hinged panels that rise vertically upwards and then backwards into the ceiling space. These doors can be automated easily.

Take a look at this video to see if a sectional garage door is right for you.
Sectional garage doors and car

Reasons to choose a sectional garage door

  • Vertical opening allowing you to park close to the door
  • Equipped with weather seals and fully insulated to make it waterproof
  • Can easily be automated
  • Very secure door
  • Great value for money
Available in steel LPU 42.
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